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Built in the traditional architectural style, and just 1.5km from the sandy beach of Poisses, Onar Residences is a unique experience that guarantees moments of absolute relaxation for families, couples, or lonely travelers.

A complex comprised of studios and traditional residences, situated in an evergreen 2.5 acre field of almond trees and ancient olive trees. It is the ideal choice for visitors who wish to spend their vacations in absolute tranquility and relaxation, but with all the conveniences that will make their stay enjoyable. 

“So close, yet so far”

Kea, the hidden treasure of the Cyclades, just an hour’s boat trip away from Athens is a breeze that fills your lungs with the smell of thyme and your heart with the sea’s iodine. An ideal destination for those who wish to be in a special Cycladic landscape with its houses’ stone masonry, its oak trees and almond trees and the blue of the Aegean sea.

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